Who we are and what do we do? 
WMR Music Group is new and fast growing music entertainment page and PR agency which was started by 2 young entrepreneurs. We are company who help’s new and up-and-coming artists to achieve their dream – be seen and heard in this huge music industry where there are millions and millions of artists. We are working with new and upcoming artists and help them to build their music career.


How did we start?
Everything started with beat pad and beat production and selling on SoundCloud. However we did not see any results and it was big failure. But we didn’t give up, we never give up! We decided that we can work with new Hip Hop Artists and then we came up with an idea to create Record Label and clothing brand #WEMAKEMONEY. We successfully signed our first artists to our label with who we made the first serious steps in this huge music industry. We did work for more than a year as a record label and clothing brand which was quite successful where we earned our first dollars and gained great connections and knowledge in the music industry. 


Then we realized that we cannot afford to properly operate as a Record Label as it requires so much money to pay for everything. But what we did over that one year was, we built an amazing follower base on social media, we started to publish music videos, we did blog posts and much more. Then we started to receive a lot of messages from people where they were asking if we are a PR Agency, of course we told them that we aren’t PR Agency. But then when we started to receive these messages every single day we realized that we have all the connections, knowledge, people around us, everything fell in right place and time to launch Music PR Agency – which we did!

We carefully studied everything about how Music PR Agencies work, what is required, what our competitors do, hired some professional PR people who works for us. And next thing we know, we are working with artists who has recently worked with MAJOR SUPERSTARS LIKE MIGOS. Right now we have WMR Media office in London with 7 employees which are professionals in what they do!



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