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A$AP Rocky & Snoop Dogg Get High And Freestyle Over A Mobb Deep Record

A$AP Rocky made his way over to Snoop Dogg’s web-series, GGN on New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31), where they chopped it up about relationships, music, smoked, and freestyled over a Mobb Deep record. Around one puffs too many and seven minutes into their discussion, the duo rhymed to Mobb Deep’s 1999 track “The Realest.”

The beat cuts in around the 7:40 mark, and Rocky starts the flow off talking about his “jiggyness.” “Man, I get fit, I’m the freshest. You need fitness, n***a it’s ridiculous how I spit this of the tip tip of my hot,” he raps. He then leads into listing off his accomplishments, including being appointed creative director of MTV Labs, making it on to “Forbes 30 Under 30,” and visiting the Dominican Republic. After a few more bars, the A.L.L.A. rapper hands off to the OG to show him how it’s really done.

“What you want, what you need. Snoop Dogg, and I supply all the weed. I’m the lion chasing down the zebras, shoutout to all the Libras. Yeah, that’s us and we don’t f**k around,” Snoop raps. “We just get the money and we come on up. We keep it laid back, n***as try to play with us. But they can’t stay with us, but they b****es lay with us.” He concludes by mentioning his 20-plus years in the game. “We keep it in the cut make this shit move right. I keep sh** moving because I proved mines a long time ago when I young yo, I’m just an MC tryna get my flow yo.”

The 18-minute interview concludes with conversations about women and a game of “Finish the Sentence,” where one person says a phrase and the other finishes it with one of their own. Check out the full episode of Snoop and A$AP on GGN below.

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