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I want to introduce everyone to our new artist Jack The Ripper, we just have started working with him, and he is doing great work, definately big future with him!

Jack the Ripper first stepped on the scene in the height of the golden era, on some of the most prominent and distinctive hip hop records and compilations of all time. First getting mic time on Group Home's Debut album "Living Proof" lending his unique style, as always, to some of the most legendary hip hop tracks from that time, including "Suspended in time"- and "Tha Realness" both produced produced by DJ Premier, and known to hip-hop purists as the absolute definition of golden era classics. In 1997, DJ Premier and Haze released another underground classic compilation album "Haze Presents: New York Reality Check 101",hat is still relevant in today's market, still selling units to this day, rivaled only by the Rawkus "Soundbombing" releases. Later on in 1997, Jack got signed to Gee Street, and released a full length EP "Brainsick Mob- A D&D Project in Association With DJ Premier Vol. 3" ,which as the name suggests, was executive produced by DJ Premier. Highlight tracks include the classics "Time To Shine" "I Thank God" and the energetic "Rock A Show". In the midst of these projects, Jack has released various 12' singles on various labels. After a short hiatus, Jack is back in the game full force.

Seeing that the time is right for his style to re-emerge on the Hip-Hop scene, he is planning his attack with a number of new releases as well as re-releases of old hits, and an army of new hip-hop, r&B, and crossover hip-hop/rock artists that he is personally producing."The Best of Brainsick", including most of the aforementioned classic tracks, is now available. And the long awaited full length LP "Jack The Ripper Style" is in progress. With a release date of August 2013, the EP Collaboration with Legendary European DJ and Hip-Hop producer V6, will be Jack's first official high-powered re-entry into a hip-hop scene desperately in need of a boost.

Entitled simply: “JACKTHERIPPER, aka Brainsick”, this collaboration, with its perfect blend of old school hip-hop sense and new school production and experimentation, will set the new precedent for true hip-hop.

This release will be the leading edge of a wave of new releases from Jack the Ripper's newly formed label. As well as bringing into the mix such legendary old school artists as Sadat X and Grand Daddy IU, he has amassed an army of producers from Chicago, New York, London, Germany, Italy, and Poland, and a legion of local musicians, to help him with his quest to produce ground-breaking new Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rock acts. His access to a personal, high-end studio allows him to easily work on these new projects, and his recently formed partnership with award winning novelist, Ash Krafton, has his dreams of producing his first full-length movie,”East New York Theory”, one step closer to fruition. 2013-2014 will be THE year of Jack the Ripper!!

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