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NEW ARTIST 'Kiyahotpeppa'

I want to introduce everyone to our skilled Artist 'Kiyahotpeppa' from Birmingham, Alabama!

Was born Kiah Cargill but the streets named him Murda1 .Growed up in Birmingham ala in the rough parts of the ghetto but was determined to make it out. He started out in the band playing instruments and started loving music. His father was a drug user and bothered him to see his mother struggle .The streetlife lead him to make music but deep down inside he wanted out.after being shot in the head in 2000 he decided to take it serious and make music his career.2005 his father killed his girlfriend after a dispute over drugs.

At that time he figure this wasn't the life for him so he took another route.

He went to realizing he had power over women and start using and helping them make money until his Kids mother passed on a overdose and that is when reality kicked in. He went to writing about his life and all the stuff he saw as he was coming up. Now he is the CEO of his own indie label , producer, director and he is 1 of the hottest artist out of Birmingham Alabama. He also filmed and directed the 1st indie film out Birmingham "Burningham 1st48 Da Movie and the founder of Double Dollar Sign Entertainment LLC.

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