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Read why I believe you should spend 1 hour per day on activities to make more money and secure a better future.

One of my driving forces my entire life has been the fear of being 60 years old stuck at a job I hate, feeling miserable about life.

I’m not 60, nor am I at a job I hate, I work for myself. But many people are at jobs they hate and have no strategy on how to change their lives.

Many people go to work each day making money for someone else, then go home to watch TV, do chores, and the process repeats.

If you can spend 8 hours a day at work doing something you hate, I want to encourage you to spend 1 hour per day on activities that will help you to make more money.

“Spend 1 Hour Per Day on Making More Money”

I suggest spending time on activities that you aren’t paid hourly for because I’m not suggesting getting a second job.

I’m proposing to create something that provides value that makes money for months after it’s been created, that’s called “Passive Income.”

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a Business

  • Sell products ( 6 Digital Product Ideas )

  • Sell Beats Online

  • Sell Samples / Drum Kits

  • Sell Ebooks

  • Offer Video Courses

  • Video tutorials

  • Create a Blog

  • Create a Website

  • Offer a Membership Website

  • Create a Mobile App

  • Start a YouTube Channel

If you don’t have ideas on how to make extra money, spend an hour a day researching how to make extra money until you know what to do.

This is what I did; I spent months Googling on different ways to make money.

Take Action Daily to Secure a Great Future!

For those of you who say I don’t want money to be my driving force, I want to say MONEY = FREEDOM. If you have bills and responsibilities, money is a necessity. Not until you can generate enough income on the side to cover all your financial responsibilities are you truly free because you are dependent on a job for money.

Money making activities are not always fun. They are stressful, require a lot of thinking, and will involve a lot of failing to see what works and what doesn’t. But if you invest in yourself, the hard work will eventually pay off.

So I hope you invest in your future.

Helpful Links on How to Make Money

What are you currently working on to help generate more income?

Comment below.


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