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Is this the best Hip Hop Clothing Collection for Summer 2017?

WMR Music Group has officialy launched their New #WeMakeMoney clothing line for SUMMER 17’ with touch of Hip Hop culture.

The urban clothing brand made by the new GEN for the new GEN.

We specialise in the distribution of STYLISH and revered clothing that symbolises Hip Hop CULTURE as a FREEDOM of the individual, and that united we stand against a corrupt and tyrannous government, TRAPPED in the endless cycle of that so called ‘system’ we must wear the brand to make a statement and be seen always and everywhere. And remember, it’s a lifestyle..

You can buy clothing and accessories from our website: www.wmrmusic.com and if you use code ‘AAM30’ you will receive 15% discount on all #WeMakeMoney clothing.

WMR Music Group is a new record label and an initiative by WMR Music Group to help upcoming artists reach out to the world.

This is what Eddy, CEO of WMR Music Group had to say:

“I usually hear upcoming artists complain about the music industry being difficult to penetrate and lots seem to divert because it looks impossible to become a mainstream artist out here and I don’t blame them.’’

It takes alot to become a mainstream artist when it comes to music. It entails a lot from song production to playing gigs(shows), video production, branding etc.. and when you manage to do all these on your own, you still struggle with promos which happens to be like toughest part.

WMR Music Group is a record label which is being introduced to make the dreams of upcoming artists a reality, they would be given a chance to let the world know how good they are at what they do best.”

Now all you have to do is mail your songs to contact@wmrmusic.com for review.

And also, don't forget to listen to DURDY's new single - Missing Fingers (Produced By Araabmuzik)

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