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Mike Maro - Rigamortis Freestyle (Music Video)

Rigamortis Freestyle serves as a remix and ode to the original "Rigamortis" by Kendrick Lamar. It maintains the theme of using wordplay in rap to lyrically annihilate other MCs. Rigamortis Freestyle video was directed by Mike Maro and shot at various locations in London including the popular scene at London Blackfriars, St Paul's Cathedral and Beckenham graveyard.

Mike Maro is a great representative of lyricism and is continuously digesting influences from the greats to be the stand out best of his era. He was born and raised in Nigeria. Moved to the UK to pursue his studies at ages 16/17. He is now on a mission to break into the music industry and his plan is to stay true to his craft and not to compromise his style by what is trending. If you are willing to listen to Mike Maro then you are set to hear raw talent that strikes each chord of emotion as a human being because his music dwells deep into reality.

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