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An excellent debut from NORÐ

NORÐ plays melodic progressive groovemetal, powered by high octane energy, melancholic soundscapes and a strong versatile voice in front. It’s heavy, it’s groovy and it has elements of thrash and doom metal spiced with a shovelful of death and a pinch of folk metal. A dystopic lyrical universe about the human decadence completes the experience. NORÐ released the debut EP ”Alpha” in march 2017 on Inverse Records.

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Review excerpts:

”All in all an excellent debut from NORД

Zware Metalen

"A very strong debut and I can rate it about as highly as it is possible to do so for a four track."

17/20, Justin Hulford

"NORĐ rather developed their own sound, which can be perceived throughout the entire release. It is definitely worth listening to, so give it a go!"

8/10, DutchMetalManiac

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