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Mercy - Nightmare [VIDEO OUT NOW]

Raised in Florida with ambitions to reach the NFL, music was in the back burner. Growing up never really having a stable home and constantly moving all throughout Central Florida Mercy maintained a steady focus on his goal. Dispirited with playing time he made every moment count and achieved recognition to play the game he loves at a collegiate level at Fitchburg State University. But another road block appeared. Within his first training camp suffering a three inch vertical tear in his right hamstring Mercy was unable to get back to form to play the game at the level he was familiar to; so he sought found new ambitions. Music has been all throughout Mercy’s life from Michael Jackson to Tupac and from Prince to Kendrick Lamar. Mercy started writing a lot from stories to scripts that eventually evolved as a tell all on paper reflecting his life in his characters he began writing raps and was inspired by fellow artist Tony Sparks. Mercy took learning how to make music by the horns. Releasing his first project “Days to Remember” in the summer 2016 and seeing how no one cared ignited a fire in him. Almost four months later at the top of 2017 Mercy released “Not Just Another” and “Krysta” another two projects back to back. Both a memoir of his identity and a dedication to his sister and the respect he has for women. The projects showed his diversity, improvement and even the vulnerability of being yourself and not following the same paths. The strength of the two projects got Mercy two shows to perform and recognition to work with more artist. Now with 2018 here a new climate is arising from Mercy diving into an eliminate of emotions that he has never tackled before and with his latest project “Davy Jones” setting strong thought provoking tones with songs such as “Suicide Thoughts”; we wonder what is going on with Mercy and what is he cooking up? Since 2017 we have been seeing clues about this new project titled “Dark Corridors”. What is Dark Corridors ? Curious on what is in store no release date yet has be announced but with the coming release of Mercy’s first music video we are anticipating a furious run in 2018. Stay tuned.

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