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Rhythmystica (Ритмистика) is a solo project from Moscow, Russia

In 2002 he took part won the first prize at the festival "Music of the new Generation, XXI century in the nomination- "Jazz composer" Nearly at that time Dmitry switched his interest into pop, rock, disco, funk and latin music. In 2006 he formed his solo project Rhythmstica (Ритмистика) were he started his career as a composer, arranger, singer, bass player, guitar player and sound producer.

In 2014 JTVDigital was finished and published the first album of the project called "Heavenly Ways" ("Небесные пути") 8 songs were based on the lyrics of Moscow poet Ivan Kirichenko and written in different styles: rock, art-rock, disco and salsa...

in 2015-2016 Dmitry continued developing his songwriter's skills at Berklee Colldege (online) As a result Rhythmystica recorded three new singles in English: "Way to you Heart" (in collaboration with the remarkable poet/singer/songwriter Randi Fay) and "Love Has Gone" and “Fever” (on the lyrics of Randi Fay and Marina Vinogradova

All singles were written in pop-rock/brit-pop style and also in together with American singers/songwriters Kaie Snider and Lisa Sprinkle he recorded a pop -latin single in Spanglish "TeQuiero” Dmitry currently works as a bass player in the band of the famous Russian pop-artist Denis Klyaver (www.denisklyaver.com), and continue creating the new material for Rhythmystica in English and Russian languages

links: https://soundcloud.com/rythmystic https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhiXBLUt57S0RXREbFsHfOV3upzdgw5fJ https://www.facebook.com/rythmystic https://www.instagram.com/rythmystic/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/1MDGvs9q4qG7Ap6lVNWaNb https://twitter.com/rythmystic2014 https://itunes.apple.com/ru/artist/rhythmystica/1217762900?app=music&ign-itsct=afftoolset_1&ign-itscg=30200&ign-mpt=uo%3D4


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