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LOKO & DEEJAY has released their new single - I know

In the midst of taking over Bell City's music scene in hopes to create a platform/record label called DabLabz Productions for all of the talented hip hop artitsts hiding out here, Loko & DeeJay drop their new wave strip club banger "I Know".

Loko & DeeJay have been making music together for 7 years. They first met when Loko moved to Brantford from Brampton and began making music with a 3rd person.

That group has disbanded due to personal differences, and Loko & DeeJay started making music them selves. Having been born in the early 90's Loko & DeeJay are heavily influenced by "old head" hip hop but would rather listen to the melodic new wave. In hopes to bridge the generational divide, they stive to create new wave music that still has a lyrical direction and a meaning.

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