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Why Facebook Groups kill your music?

People are only spamming in the groups.

You receive almost no views.

You will never get real fan base because 90& of group are spams.

Every rapper and artist knows about Facebook Music / Hip Hop groups where in there are massive amounts of members. In the biggest Soundcloud groups there are more than 100,000 members and every second someone posts in the group – 95% of the posts are music links or someone asking to listen to their track. In the last few months there is very popular trend to post new topics like these ‘Drop Links’, ‘Follow 4 Follow’ ,‘Sub4Sub’ and so on, these posts reach more than 300comments and most of the comments are all the same people spamming their music links.

Our team has been following these groups and artists who post their music very closely, we was checking for their progress and if this ‘link dropping’ is actually working, and guess what the results are TERRIBLE… 70% of artists who posted their music to groups daily didn’t even cross 1,000 plays line… Great right?!

Now it’s time to think about it, is it really worth it? Is it worth to waste your time and energy to achieve ehmm… NOTHING?! By doing this you are not engaging with your fans, you can’t grow a fan base, you can’t get booked to shows, you don’t get publicity, nothing, all you get is being seen by other people who are ‘spamming’ their links.

Music is business where you need to work hard like any other business, and you need to invest your time and money to achieve real results and get exposure. Every big name out here who has made great success has invested loads of money in promotion and growth so you see the results and understand what I am talking about.. I don’t know a single person who has made big success out of Facebook Groups.

Think about your music career! Don’t kill your music & talent.

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