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Harlem native and CLIFF 41 emcee donSMITH (formerly Darnell Smitherson) just released an exciting mixtape, “Who Is donSMITH: VOL I", hosted by DJ No Rejular.

"who is donSMITH: VOL I" embodies the spirit of early 2000's NY mixtape culture: hosted by a DJ, with exciting tags and bombs being dropped over each track, captivating features from other upcoming east coast artists (THERAVADA, AKAI $OLO, etc.), and NY influenced production. 9 songs that flow seamlessly into each other, wrapping up at about 26 mins, the mixtapehas accumulated nearly 29,000 plays on Soundcloud in just two weeks from it's release.

Here is the flavorful self-directed visual highlight from the mixtape, for the Emani assisted single, "Home" (a rising bay area producer):

“HOME” official music video - donSMITH

donSMITH artist site: whoisdonSMITH.com

IG/Twitter: @whoisdonsmith

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