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J.Blu - Concrete Garden [ALBUM]

This is Robert Williams the manager of j.blu also the producer of concrete garden.


Newark native born and raised ambition to become a song writer and hip-hop artist Joshua blue was born to Francine Daniels and mark blue at the age of nine years old he became interested in music following in his father's and uncle footsteps. late nights in the music studio with his dad watching other hip-hop Artist recording music in the studio. he will bring along his schoolwork to do homework while watching his father and uncle worked countless hours with would be Artis. j.blu picked up the mic at the age of nine he started writing his own songs by the age of 11 his desire to become the next special hip-hop artists in the music industry. at the age of 18 now at the age of 19 his music playing in seven states across the United States. This a song off the album the country is still lying. 2.amazment 3.Mink Coat.


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