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Mostly George - 'U' EP 2018 [FULL EP SOON]

Meet the one and only Mostly George from Budapest, Hungary.

He has been grinding since 2004 since he attended the first local Hip Hop concert.

Since then he's been perfecting the craft of Rapping, especially with English lyrics (not being his native language)

He is just releasing his 5 track sophomore EP titled 'U' on 2nd March 2018

This EP is a follow up on the 'Blessings' EP released in 2017 and it also involves beats from the multi platinum producer team Anno Domini Nation.

Themes vary from love, hate, loneliness, angriness and wisdom.

His angle is to elevate the state of classical rhyme schemes, with tuned and moody, ambiental vocals utilising dark/mellow, sometimes sad hip hop and trap beats

Laid back flows clashing with high pitch choruses, dark hooks evolving into light revelations.

Giving back to the culture while utilising the evolution of sound in Hip Hop, 'U' Ep is a perfect start for a year full of surprises!

He has been involved in a few of the major Rap Contests Online:

#NSMC4 hosted by Kato (2016)

Rhymestars hosted by Joe Budden (2016) Finished on 24th Spot.

#NSMC5 hosted by Kato (2017)

#thegoldenagerapcontest hosted by Rhymestars and Still Movin (2017) Finished on 16th spot

The Best Rapper Alive Rap Contest hosted by Anno Domini (2017)

Rhymestars hosted by Just Blaze (2017) Finshed on 6th Spot.



2016: OXFLOW Revisited LP

2017: Non Prophet: Dialogues Vol. 1 EP

2017: #BPMODE EP

2017: Blessings EP

2018: U EP

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