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Rafztar is a British Indian unsigned producer living in the UK.

“The Past” is a 19 track Hip-hop album produced by UK based unsigned producer Rafztar. This his third album features, Teddy Bennington, New5ense, Sunshine De Harzi, Micah Byrnes, Kamal Imani, and Searz & Capricorn. The full-length collaboration between the 21st-century producer and a bunch of rappers and singers lulls breezily between pro forma thuggery and electronic insights, mixing progressive beats with grizzled street raps. But though this is well-trod ground, there is innovation and illumination here, too. This is probably Rafztar’s best full album production work since and he thrills with his full layered orchestration and eclectic beats. (Full Review here: http://jamsphere.com/reviews/rafztar-past-innovation-illumination)

With just a little more work Rafztar will surely rise from the ranks of bedroom experimenters to the forefront of the international hiphop beat making scene. Many other electronic-based producers dial down some of the elements which made them entertaining, in exchange for mainstream pop status. If you like Hip hop that is different, has elements of experimentation that borrows from other genres around the world then be sure to check all 3 albums: Rising Stars, Loops De Life and The Past!

Official Website: http://rafztar.com

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