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Keenan K-LEE Lee is an Underground Rap Legend/14 time award winning tattooer. K-LEE performed over 1,000 shows and sold 54,000 cds out of the trunk of his car way before the era of youtube and itunes back when an artist had to bust their ass to get heard. K-LEE has released 11 albums mostly remembered for his role in Christian Hiphop. K-LEE toured churches and clubs all across the US and traveled from city to city state to state selling records and reaching his fans....... In 2017 after tattooing professionally for 13 years and being retired in music for 6 years K-LEE felt a massive void in his heart for music that needed to be filled, but this time he would not be doing christian music. He read about suicides and drug overdoses in young kids listening to rap music worldwide and knew the only way he could reach them was to speak their language and do the hardest mother fuckin music he could do.... thus the rebirth of K-LEE. He then founded A.L.I.E.N. GANG which A.L.I.E.N. stands for ANYONE LOST IN EARTHS NEGLECT this movement gives those who feel they have been shit on by society a place to call home and a family to love them. www.k-leeworldwide.com

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