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I-95 Fla Boi Comes out with new Release - BurnUp

Fla Boi is an Example of a young individual that try to make an impact to the world and to his love ones even with the harsh conditions ,he relocated many schools in his adolescent days fights in & out of school, As he matured into teenage adult years he had a few run ins with the law, fighting and beating a trafficking/conspiracy charge, I-95 FLA BOI represents his name from the highway Interstate 95 where he made out of City/State trips handling Business to provide for his Family, He was born in Miami and raised in a city called Delray Beach in Palm Beach, Florida. Delray Beach is no stranger to talent, being the source of Venus and Serena Williams. His parents made it out of much harsher conditions in Haiti to be able to raise him in Delray Beach. I-95 FLA BOI knows how to make music that not only feeds the streets but can be listened to while riding in your whip under any conditions. I-95 FLA BOI makes hardcore and energetic music that gets you immediately turnt. At the same time, as hardcore and energetic as the music is, it’s not difficult to listen to. It’s sonically pleasing and instantly classic. Take a ride down I-95 and step into the life of FLA BOI.

Check out I-95FlaBoi latest video release exclusively on WMR Music Group below.



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