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2EM - Battle (Gangstarr Remix)

2EM is an Emcee who treasures the roots of old school Hip-Hop and has implemented the same in his upcoming mixed tape 'Hate Against Mumble'. 2EM's purpose behind coming out with this mixed tape is to pay homage to few artists who helped him grow. They play a significant role in 2EM's progress. Rap music is unique and this mixed tape consists of remixes from your favourite hip-hop tracks. It takes the current generation back in time to the old school Rap that they missed while growing up but at the same time fits the bill with today's changing music trend. The mixed tape is a way of 2EM showing his encouragement and support to the rapidly growing rap movement in his country!

This track is a remix of the legendary Gangstarr's- Battle.

If your a hip hop head this Emcee is worth your view.

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