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New Star Riley_5rings

Hey wassup I go by name Riley 5rings I’m from orange New Jersey but reside in Irvington nj. I been doing music for almost 10 years now, you know what they say it take 10 years to be an overnight success lol but music plays a big role in my life.. for me its like a get away because in real life I’m actually anti social don’t really like to talk to much so music is where I get all the things of my chest that I want to say but can’t ... As of right now I’m working on my new project called “50 Days” which will be dropping very soon, some time this summer . The latest project I got out now is called “Life in the boondocks” pretty much just letting you know about my life growing up in New Jersey the trails that I’m went through or is going through... this is the year man this is my year I’m going to break the industry doors down & put on for my state! #Jersey

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