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CUR - Artist From Wyoming Is Reaching Great Success in United Kingdom

SWEETWATER COUNTY — artist Currington Campbell who raps under the name Cur has been making strides in his musical career.

His latest music video ‘Listen Now‘ has been viewed 731,231 times since it dropped on September 7th and has reached the listeners in United Kingdom where people are talking about this new up-and-coming artist from United States.

People here United Kingdom are really enjoying the vibe what artist is sending trough his music.

And don't forget the Visuals which are absolute masterpiece and were shot by his talented team member @_k4sh

The video, which was allegedly filmed locally, keeps plenty of firepower on hand throughout to pepper the local flavor. Cur explained that the video tells a story of a double cross and the inevitable ensuing revenge.

Don't forget to check out his latest release Cur - Like Thiss [Official Video] | Shot by @lilk4sh

The rest of the world might be hearing more from him as well, with a PR group showing interest in putting his music in the hands of radio DJs who could expose it to a larger audience. It appears the sky is the limit.

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