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Tony Racks has released his new single “Final Notes“ (ft. CB Static)

Tony Rackz is on a mission to bring bars back to hip-hop. Rackz is rapper from Montreal making his mark on the music world with new singles “OMG” and “Final Notes” (ft. CB Static). Growing up with Big L, Jedi Mind Tricks, Eminem, and other lyrical rappers, a young Tony was inspired to take to the rhyme book at just 13, but a troubled life kept him from pursuing the dream until recently. Free from his past, Rackz now brings his rhymes to life in the studio. “Music is therapy,” he says, describing how he left one life behind to be reborn as an up-and-coming rap artist. Primed with serious skills on the mic and a passion for making the vision a reality, Rackz is gearing up to make 2018 his year in hip-hop.

“Final Notes“ (ft. CB Static) is a story about bringing hip-hop back to life. The old “hip-hop is dead” cliche might feel realer than ever in a world of wack rappers, mumbling their way into the genre, but that’s not good enough for Tony Rackz. In his new single, featuring CB Static, both rappers explore the lack of lyrical prowess in modern rap and give some “final notes” on the state of the game to any unskilled new wavers

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