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Exclusive Interview With FLABOI

Fla Boi is an Example of a young individual that try to make an impact to the world and to his love ones even with the harsh conditions ,he relocated many schools in his adolescent days fights in & out of school, As he matured into teenage adult years he had a few run ins with the law, fighting and beating a trafficking/conspiracy charge, I-95 FLA BOI represents his name from the highway Interstate 95 where he made out of City/State trips handling Business to provide for his Family, He was born in Miami and raised in a city called Delray Beach in Palm Beach, Florida. Delray Beach is no stranger to talent, being the source of Venus and Serena Williams.

Take a ride down I-95 and step into the life of FLA BOI

Who are your influences in the game and in your personal life? Well my influences in the game and personal life

are I would say 2 PAC SHUKAR I fucked with how he delivered his music and how

he always talked real shit, he gave a message throughout his music career.

And in my personal life Iʼve always look up to my uncle he still believed in me when nobody did through tough times in my life , he pasted a good spirite in me through out my life.

And I plan to carry on that legacy.

If you could compare yourself to an already established artist, who would that be and why?

*Laughs* The person I feel like I can compare my myself too would probably be Rick Ross all day man.

I feel like he has my attitude and my standards on how I want to be influenced as to the world , when comes to his hussle ,craft and musical ethics, I want to catch when I make my music.

What do you think your listeners will get out of your music?

Well that depends on how they feel my vibe and my verses, not everyone gonna feel my shit u feel me ? But for the ones that fucks with my music will get couple things out of my music like on how to really do your own task out here you know how to keep your circle small, you gotta know to fuck with yourself sometimes man, how to move and how to make sure you always cautious out

here and my music the that typa music to make you sing alone type shit no matter how tired you were.

What were you thinking about when your songs are developed? Explain your process.

I have a deep passion for music, I can feel the music in my soul, the beat gives me a reaction when it suddenly hit me with the bass and rythm and when I make a song I go with the beat, Iʼm not a rapper I can freestyle but I prefer not to take that avenue,

I consider myself an Artist simply because I write my own music, Iʼve been writing poetry since my teenage years and I grew up and developed different styles and ways to the point as I got older music pretty much stuck with me itʼs like more like a hobby it takes me away from a long stressful day etc.

What made you want to get into the business?

Tbh I don't take music as a business, I just think of it as a hobby you know something that grew into me since I was a young boy, and just kinda stick with me as I got older because I just love the tones and rhythms of certain beats but if it ever came to it I would love to make certain Avenues with my music or other different sources. Get paid for something Iʼm good at.

What is the most difficult thing you’ve had to endure in life?

Well I had to get used to people giving me bad comments on my music when you know I wasnʼt making money yet with this, itʼs like at a point in life where I was gonna chill on it but den I think fuck them man, I had to really get myself back on my shit on some real shit I had to push myself up no matter what I go wrong going from my son and everything you know being a single dad out here you all of that going on but I still managed to keep my music life going and continuing my dreams like they say go hard or go on.I was taught to never quite, sometimes it takes a lil criticism you know to really push you.

What do you hope to do with your music?

I hope to change black man lifeʼs out you know not even only black man or can be a Spanish

man or Chinese you kno whatever.

I just want to send a different message out here from these sucka ass niggas man.

I wanna really get into the black industry tho mainly for my brothaʼs.

I feel like I want to put a different picture out there for them. I wanna wake them up so we can come together.

Are there any questions that you were expecting that I didn’t ask and want to answer?

I mean you asked everything straight but I could of really get into my personal life you know I been holding everything in for to long I feel like a lot of brothaʼs connect with me on this one and they would feel my pain and my sorrows.

What I had to do to get to where Iʼm at now you know shit was crazy. Wake up my brothha‘s

yʼall gotta make a change fr.

We gotta start promoting violence in our music to provide a better future for the new generation.

Do you have your own songs in your favorite playlist?

Man I mean I ainʼt gon lie most of my music I get em off YouTube, Iʼm a 80ʼs baby Iʼm more poetic rapper. I am still old fashion with it, Iʼm not going to waste my time with music I make cause simply I love the way I sounds and Iʼm in love with my own my own tunes, I feel as Iʼve already took a lot of criticism about my music already but I love what I do and Iʼve developed my own personal tone and taste of my own style for the music global/ international digital #mainstream music.

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