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Cur & Yung C comes out with new video release - Money Fan

Cur & Yung C comes out with new video release - Money Fan

Teaming up with Yung C, or Camen Dunks also of Rock Springs who has reached great success during his musical career Participating in musical activities since his early childhood left Yung C well prepared for a career in music.

Not quite 21, Yung C was set to open for Caskey of Cash Money Records and Trev Rich where he did an amazing performance and expanded his musical career.

Yung C and Cur met in Wyoming where Cur found a beat that had a catchy tune and rhythm which actually sparked some inspiration. He began writing after about 10 mins the lyrics and vibe of the song came to me quick. He began expanding on that idea which developed into the hook;

"Money Fan Money Fan hop out the whip and I Money Fan, Not limp with wrist I want cash in hand, Money Fan Money Fan".

After the hook was laid out then came my verse at that time he showed Young C what he had finished on the song. Instantly he began to vibe with the beat and shortly he came up with his part.

So then he contact Video Director by the name of Ryan Race aka Double R.

He actually has a unique situation going on, during the week he shoots commercials and movies in the downtown Salt Lake Area, while working closely with the Main Director of Imagine Dragons the huge rock star group. They work with Interscope Records all the time shooting other rock bands.

While they were filming the video, there were bunch of people showing interest and supporting the local artists by taking their phones out, making selfies, taking pictures while they were recording.

The video was dropped on May 8th and since then it's been on the rise and landed us a few note worthy interviews with 104.7 Kiss fm Casper radio station and Sweetwater Now Media outlet.

We look forward to watching this video grow and attract new fans and great situations.

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