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HiddenRoad - Conflict Pt.2

Enter a world of conflict and turmoil wrapped up in this 7 track e.p.... HiddenRoad is back with some new sounds and the same violent fervor the audience expects... THIS IS CONFLICT credits

HiddenRoad Studios is a Hip-Hop Brand featuring releases from long time rapper Hidden - in conjunction with several producers; HiddenRoad - a two piece due featuring Hidden rapping over live instrumentation; and Eremitic - producer/emcee from the U.K. Rather than try to develop one consistent sound across all projects, each HiddenRoad Studios project has its own sound and theme. Spanning from Soulful Jazzy boom bap to hardcore Metal sample based tracks, ranging from the Wild West to Feudal Japan, HiddenRoad Studios aims to thrust the listener into the setting of each project much the same as a classic movie or novel. At HiddenRoad Studios we firmly believe that music is about more than just a catchy tune. We aim to release music with character that stirs emotion in the ears of the listener, whatever that emotion may be. We believe the Status Quo is inadequate and that staying within one single sub genre is limiting. We strive to release cohesive projects that make sense beginning to end, wherever the sounds may take us.

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