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YT Comes Out With New Visuals For 'Riot Control'

Austin Arndt — better known as YT (a stylized version of whitey) — is a 25-year-old recovering addict turned entrepreneur who wears many hats. “I went for the most stereotypical whiteboy name possible,” he explains when asked about his name.

He finally has released hes long awaited music video for Riot Control which is an absolute banger!

This track is bars and bars of fun venting and more!

Shoutout To Haylee The Love Of My Life For The Amazing Video Footage!

“Really, it’s meant to show that race isn't an issue in my life and the color of someone's skin means nothing to me.”

Hailing from Rock Springs Wyoming, YT spent most of my childhood years in the system; he earnestly credits his independence, and his learning to mix, master, record and release all of his material in part to house arrest. “I've been to 9 treatment centers from Wyoming to Utah to Texas ... I finally quit after I accepted the pain in my life,” he says

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