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March - The Smoker EP

With surprising lyrical complexity and a keen ear for samples, 16-year-old March has already built up an extensive back catalog and hype in his hometown of Ventspils, Latvia. The Smoker EP — his 4th release in 3 years — is both a homage to old school hip hop’s battle roots and an exercise in mechanical new school minimalism.

"WISE" Has ghostly echoes of Quasimoto and A Tribe Called Quest, as March adeptly switches between topics and streams his consciousness, while "LIL DICC" is a deliberate reversal -- a display of nihilism and anarchy delivered with a winking irony that stands in contrast to the rest of the EP. "VISS KOPA" Is a rare look at March rapping in his native Latvian language. Unlike some of his contemporaries, the language's natural patterns and cadences don't constrain his flow or make it predictible; March shows he can navigate multiple languages -- and musical styles -- with the skill of a veteran well beyond his years.

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