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Exclusive Interview With Caligula

So as we all know Caligula and Young Quicks just recently released their new video for 'Lil Homie' which is a quite big success for the boys and I.C.E

So we sat down with Caligula to do an text based interview about his future plans and everything

What made you decide to go with the moniker Caligula?

Caligula is actually my real name I’m a Jr. My father Caligula Sr had the name first which was given to him by my grandfather who was a history major out of Oakland Ca

How would you describe your sound?

It’s difficult for me to put one title to my style. I draw inspiration from music from different eras and genres. I consider myself to be versatile and for a while that’s why I was was called Cali Stylz.

What pushed you to get in front of the mic instead of behind the scenes?

The love of freestyle rapping and writing dope flows and people actually loving it is what drew me into getting behind the mic. But I’m definitely behind the scenes as an executive and business man on a daily basis.

Which artists have been the biggest influence on you?

It was artist like Biggie, busta rhymes, outkast, missy Elliot , pharrell, Eminem, kurupt , Daz and Snoop that had the biggest influence on me and pushed me to take it serious and grow as an artist.

There seem to be a real message in your “Lil Homie Tell us about it?

Basically we are telling the lazy haters that talk and no action to stop being Lil homies and grow up cause while you bullshittin our prices are going up and we getting paid to show up everywhere we go. The message is simply saying stop being Lil homies and get ya weight up and celebrate.

How do you hope to connect with listeners of your music?

I just want the listener to be open to real and no gimmick rap. Every lyric you hear has truth behind it and every style is original. The connection should be an easy process especially if you love dope music.

What advice would you give to other artists finding their own path?

Stay consistent and ambitious. Never give up the hustle of it and always work even on your off days stay ahead and ready don't let someone have to tell you to get ready feel me. Invest in yourself and build a team that believes in the same things you do as a business person and artist and remember there’s no science to it it’s all based off of being in the right place at the right time. So stay active always!

What’s next on the agenda for Caligula & I.C.E?

More music more videos more big business more business start ups and more international cash Everyday feel me. Me and Young Quicks have a lot more in the works individually and as well as I.C.E. Pay attention and get ready for more new waves splashin y’all way! We Active

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