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Adrian Pike "Salt n Pepper" Official Video Release

M.C. and song writer Adrian is an unsigned artist. Born in Guyana and raised in South Jamaica Queens. Pike quickly fell in love with hip hop music from a young age, though it was far from the predominant music genre in his home country. He grew up in a broken home and would seek refuge in the streets of South Jamaica where he found music. He lists 50 cent, Biggie Smalls and Lil Wayne as his musical influences and the ingredients in the melting pot of his lyrical prowess.

The well known effects of growing up in the hood brought him from being an honor roll student to barely graduating high school due to gang life. After high school he enlisted in the Marines, but music had already taken hold of his life. He decided that music was his calling. Growing up in the Southside of Queens, Adrian was faces with drugs, gangs and guns in the rough neighborhood and used music as his form expression.

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