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YUNG C Comes Out With Fresh Visuals For His Single - LEXTOWNBABY

The music video for LexTownBaby was shot in my hometown Lexington, Kentucky. Originally my friend Cur was supposed to be featured on the song but sadly he passed away suddenly in July. His death shocked me and so I felt like I needed to be back home in Lexington for awhile. I met up with a producer, April, in Lexington at Nitrosonic recording studio to record this song and make it sound exactly how I wanted it.

I was born in Lexington, Kentucky, I lived there until 2008 then I moved to a small town called Rock Springs, Wyoming. I’ve been making music since I was young but it didn’t get serious until about 2012, when I moved back to Lexington again and got my own studio set up. Around that time I was networking with artists like Soulja Boy and other members of the SODMG group as well as other local artists in Lexington. I also worked with local artists around Rock Springs when I moved back there in 2014. During the time frame of 2014-2016 I was going through some struggles and really trying to find out who I wanted to be.

After working with some local artists on those songs I began working with a bigger artist named Currington Campbell out of Casper, Wyoming. After a few months of being in the studio with Cur and working together every other day we both had the same idea that we wanted to work as one and build a bigger fan base together.

The first song/video we dropped was “Money fan” which ended up blowing up with about 200k views on YouTube. After we released “Money fan” we then came out with another hit “Hybrids” which hit over 60k on YouTube.

Cur and I were talking to promoters, managers, A&R’s and some big label companies for our record deal. We were in the making of a full mixtape during the summer this year but in late July of 2018 Cur passed away suddenly. Cur was like a big brother to me so his death really shocked me. I knew what he would want me to do and that is to work on my music career and get that deal, I’m doing this for him. After he passed, I needed to get back to my home roots. I went to visit Lexington at the beginning of August and started to work on my new song “Lextownbaby”. Cur was actually supposed to be on that song and we planned on doing the video in Lexington so to me, that trip was for him too.

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