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KarizmatiK - HIGHEST LEVEL (Official Music Video) 4K

The vision for “Highest Level” was to show the viewer the mindset of Karizmatik in a metaphorical way. The chains that lock Karizmatik into place represent the challenges in his life that he needs to overcome and break free from. From negative thoughts inflicted personally, and from others, to the choking grip the industry holds on artists. The industry is depicted by the “Devilish Angels”, always watching every action you make. The key to success lies in your “mind game”. The green Lamborghini represents mind power, the level of attention, with intention, that Karizmatik is on when facing new challenges. With every chain you need to break free from, with every doubt to overcome, you need to be on the “Highest Level”!

Katalyst is a multi-genre Hip Hop Ep that highlights the versatility of Karizmatik. Katalyst jumps emotionally from poetic and empowering lyrics in “Rise”, to an old school collage of West Coast and East Coast rap in “No Gimmicks “. With his latest single “Highest Level”, Karizmatik delivers a new trap style mixed with the traditional rap flow. The music video for “Highest Level” is a metaphor within itself, setting a new bar for all music videos. He also teamed up with platinum producing artist WLPWR (Eminem/ Yelawolf) on “Living Proof”, where Karizamtik delivers a new style of vocal performance and flow. “See You in the Morning” which features Australian artist Annie Medling is the ‘cherry on top’. This song brings back the 2000’s style R&B / hip hop duet record with a modern energy.

Music Video Directed by: Boi Bunny

Edited by: Harley Fitzsimons

Produced by: Radio Lane Music Ltd Make Up: Hannah Lamanes

Song: Highest Level

Written by: Karizmatik

Producer: Matter

Mixer: Lance Powell Master & Mike Makowski

Art Direction: Raf Duraj

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