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Solarrio & BlackLioN Feat. Rapturous "Over The Bar"

Watch the official music video for "Over The Bar" by Solarrio & BlackLioN Feat. Rapturous.

“Over the Bar” is a collaboration with Rapturous where the three ride smoothly over Solarrio’s anthemic production. The title comes from Nigerian slang, describing when the soccer ball is kicked “over the bar”. The track is from Solarrio & BlackLioN’s #GetShitDone mixtape.

Solarrio & BlackLioN both come from completely different countries & backgrounds but found themselves making music together in Berlin. Solarrio was born in Paris, France to Argentinian/Russian parents & BlackLioN is from Mamfé, Cameroon. Both have lived in the US and met up in Berlin where they’ve been collaborating since the mid 00’s. After pursuing solo endeavors they linked up for the #GetShitDone mixtape in 2018 and are currently working on an album together.

New video from Solarrio & BlackLioN’s “#GetShitDone” mixtape featuring Rapturous.

Produced by Solarrio

Video Directed by Pretty Dirty





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