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Skip Masssaari

I come from a musical background. My father used to rap and he introduced me to the microphone at an early age. I was writing raps in the 1st grade, on the school bus. Where I come from, rapping is like an everyday thing. As a child, when I would get into trouble in elementary school, my uncle would give me his rap books to look over. Music is my life. My lyrics and songs are about my state of life, in which the instrument makes me feel or how I feel at that moment. My music takes you to some places I have been. I’ve even asked some of my closest friends about current events that take place. They keep me updated with the latest news. An opportunity for independency resembles triumph in all shapes and forms. I want to release my music and record it, as it comes to my thoughts, because I never stop thinking. My fans can always hear where I’m going and where I been through my lyrics. I have fans all over the world, whether it be for clothing or music. I really have no specific direction for my music. It’s for everyone. The places my music tends to circulate around is the urban community. My neighborhood influences me to keep working towards success. I am a lot of peoples’ hope, where I live. Everything around me influences my musical delivery.

Some people would say my music is touching, heartfelt, realistic and organic. I would describe my music to people by basically calling it “The Real Deal.”

I’ve always been a leader in my personal life; I treat the music business no different when making decisions on a song’s topic. My style is authentic, so my words “sound good” like momma’s cooking.

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