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The name speaks for itself, Soulful usually expressing deep emotions. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dominique Duke

aka Soulful$oul was created. Growing up in the 90's Duke was easily influenced by some of the greats of that era, The late great 2pac and Biggie, Jay Z, Emeniem, Outkast and many more. Not knowing exactly what he wanted to be while growing up, music was always there for him. " My cousin J.T is who really pushed me" "I never thought I was good enough". Of course that changed. Over the years his mind grew and his lyric ability showed that. Striving to bring back good music, Duke shines bright over soulful hip-hop mixes. A Socially conscious artist but you may never know what to expect. "I go based on what I been through or what I'm Feelin'". An artist that hip-hop and music fans will greatly appreciate.

https://www.facebook.com/soulfulsoulNJG/ https://twitter.com/soulfulsoulnjg https://www.instagram.com/soulfulsoulnjg/?hl=en

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