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My Zone - Official Music Video by Berg Da General Shot & edited by TMG

As one of the first singles off of the Doin Overtime mixtape, "My Zone give a sneak peek into the Taco Sesh lifestyle. With medical marijuana being legalized in the state of California, its changed the way people socialize in public settings. There is no longer a need for nearly as much discretion if smoking weed is a recreational activity for you, its openly accepted in most places! So with so much love for the cannabis community, its only right that that love is reciprocated with an anthem.

Music has always been a passion of mine since i was just a kid in middle school. My brother plays the drums, my sister sings & plays the piano, ive always just been told i have a very good way with words. I love the way that a beat can resonate with so many different emotions. Its just a matter of connecting with it & portraying your message, because you're never the only person who feels the way you feel. If you can relay those feelings or emotions in a song then there're countless people who you can reach & touch in ways that are difficult to imagine. I kno because thats how i feel about other artist music that I can relate too

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