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Slater 17k - Get Silly (Official Music Video)

Slater17k drops new visuals directed by @Prince485. Slater brings back the classic “Get Silly” but adds his own East St Louis flavor to it. Facing a Felony Robbery in Vermillion County, and Possession with Intent to deliver in Cook County, hes facing a quite lengthy prison sentence. We’re hoping for a safe bid for Jackboy Slater.

Slater is currently working on his Jackboy Slater Mixtape before he gets shipped to prison for his robbery case. Hence the name “Jackboy” Slater. Another (Named) Slater project which he’s currently well known for his many alter ego’s. He’s had to push back multiple dates for the highly anticipated mixtape due to constant court dates. On Slater’s instagram, @DontCallMyHousePhone, he says he will NOT drop any more projects until his lawyer is able to give him good news so he urges everyone who listens and understands his music to engage aggressively on his social media accounts.

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