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Zy White - From The Corner

New Track From Zy White called From the Corner. Go check the full video out on YouTube now. It’s Also please subscribe to my YouTube Chanel and also follow me on INSTAGRAM Zywhite_1

Mixtape coming Soon. It’s called I’m Tied in. It’s raw. It’s authentic creativity at its finest. From The Corner is describing the life that a lot of use young blacks is living. My Corner is my hood. Every hood nigga can relate

Just the love for music inspired me. I knew I had a special talent but not only talent I have something to say. I paint those vivid pictures in ur head of what I’m speaking on.

I had a home boy name Matthew Williams put me on to making tracks and I started writing from there. I been on it every since taking it serious by the min. Shout out to M.A.

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