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Being of Puerto Rican and Mexican heritage, raised by a single mother in the city of Chicago, IL. Family always came first but growing up without a consistent father figure, Kodak was drawn to the streets and quickly adapted to the lifestyle. After numerous run-ins with law enforcement and being caught up in the penial system, something had to change. For Kodak, Hip-Hop music was a way to escape the struggles and reality of life. As he could relate to similar concepts behind those songs. Being influenced by the likes of legends such as Tupac, Biggie, No-Limit, Big Pun, Cash Money, Twista, and Nas to say the least. Kodak knew what he truly had a passion for and it was time to share his story with the world. Kodak's first solo album "Community Service" was released in October of 2017. Currently Kodak is working on his Sophomore album "Just Me" but no official release day yet has been determined.

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