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Menace To $ociety

MT$ is about working for yourself, standing for yourself. You know society wants you to do 18 years of school to go to college to sit at a desk for 40 years until you die. Full of regret, full of wishes, not really getting to your full potential. MT$ is about achieving more than what society wants for you. It’s about doing what you want to do. Being a Menace is about going against the traditional route of just surviving. MT$ is about thriving. MT$ is about winning. MT$ is about doing what the fuck you want and making it the best decision you’ve ever made in your whole life showing the world what’s possible. MT$ is about a higher way of thinking and living. MT$ is about ownership and longevity. This shit ain’t a joke, gimmick, or a game. This shits forever. Social media:

Instagram @menace_to_society_mts @mts_t11

Twitter @MTSFrance @youngtinomusic

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