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UY Skutty

UY Skutty

Born in Gainesville, Florida March 23, 1993. Named Tharthur James Myers II. Started out rapping at 18 in a group called T.S.O.C (The Standing Ovation Crew). From there he broke off with his original alias Uri Elite. His alias now, UY Skutty, was derived from the biggest star known to man, UY Scuti. As a kid, he wrote poetry as a way to vent about a lot of the things he felt he couldn’t say directly. His biggest influence was 2pac. 2pac’s book of poetry titled “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” inspired him to turn his pain, anger, and frustration into words. Growing up, he always wanted to be able to influence people the way he was influenced by 2pacs book but didn’t take it seriously until the creation of T.S.O.C. UY Skutty grew up around the Fredericksburg, VA area and fell in love with it’s underground music culture. In time, he found himself amongst the people that he admired from afar as he came into the game. Now 25, Skutty is on the rise and making hot records such as “Kept 100”, “Beat It”, and “Better” which can be found on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and more. Stay on the look out for him. There’s a lot more to come from him.

IG: @UY_Skutty

FB: www.facebook.com/UYSkutty

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