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$Bags was born Derrik Brown on May 3rd, 1983 in St. Paul, Minnesota. He became interested in music in 1984. He has his own style, is self motivated and very talented. $Bags knew what he wanted and he wouldn’t let anything stop him. $Bags was offered his first record deal at the age of 13 by a Minnesota based record label. Because of the co- owners beefing, the deal fell through shortly after. $Bags says, “I think that’s when I knew I could only depend on myself.” $Bags kept writing and recording rap music. He focused on perfecting his skills. At the age of 19, $Bags decided to enroll in a music college called IPR. That’s when he first learned about pro tools. One semester later, he choose to drop out feeling as though the school wasn’t moving fast enough. Completely dedicated to getting his own top of the line recording studio, $Bags turned to a life of crime. With two felonies on his record by the age of 23, it seemed his life was slipping away. He could only watch through a jail cell.

One frighting night changed his life forever. A deal gone bad left $Bags unconscience, laying by his car on Rice Street. Blood spilled from the back of his head as his eyes swelled shut. His only chance of survival at the time, was a 17 year old kid who happened to go outside. The teenager runs inside his home and tells his older cousin to “CALL 911!” “I don’t remember sh.. about that day, and maybe its best I don’t.” $Bags recalls. After the rehabilitation and all the love and support shown by friends and family, $Bags took on a new life. He says, “I literally felt born again. It was like, I remember you but...I don’t know you.”

He remembers feeling deep in his heart, a love for rap music. He opened up a small recording studio and began to get right back to work. A new skill he developed was being able to make a hit song with no pen and pad and just flow with the music off the top of his head. That’s when he created, and what most would say “put him on the underground scene” is his hit song, Hoola Hoop. “Yep What UP!” “Yep What UP!” Everyone’s saying it.

$Bags later met a girl name Kristine. She loved Hoola Hoop and used to sing it all the time. They went on a few dates and hung out frequently. They began to fall more and more for each other and were looking to find a place together. December 19th, Kristine was found dead in her car. It was engulfed in flames. $Bags recalls feeling at an ultimate low. “I was going crazy. I started drinking heavy, thinking, “WHY ME GOD?”

Going through all this pain, $Bags turned to something that always helped ease the pain. That’s his music. He entered the studio full of pain, love and lots of questions. He recorded another classic song, “Cryin’ Like A Baby.” “Everything I put into that song was so current to the events at the time.” The friends, fans and family really grabbed hold of the song and the memories Kristine left behind. They really embraced the song, “Cryin Like A Baby.” A year later, after moving to the South side of Minneapolis, he felt ready to start his own business. That’s when $Bags started, “Like Water Entertainment.” Doing shows with Cassidy, Kat Stacks, VIC, Huey, Bone Crusher and Project Pat, $Bags says, “There’s STILL way more to come.” It wasn’t long until “The Udio” was born. “The Udio” is a one stop shop for any artist looking to get started. You’ll record on top of the line equipment. You can even do a photography shoot for an album cover. $Bags says, “There’s Still Way MORE To COME!”

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