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YB Sk8 - Next2Blow Intro

Young Bosses Music Group Presents One Of The Most Hardest Working Artist In The World YB SK8 Show His Undeniable Talent On This Project Remising & Reflecting On His Past & Present. His Catchy Hooks & Melodies Are What Make His Sound So Unique & Different.

I Always Had A Love And Passion For Music . As I Grew Older Seeing Hands On That Music Could Change Peoples Lives & Reality I Decided To Chase And Purse My Dreams Full Fledge. I Will Remain Consistent ! I Am Next To Blow ! I Will Be A House Hold Name!

I Started Out Rapping On The computer Karaoke machine whatever I could get my hands on. I later got In a rap group called 2Much We had My High school On Smash And That Was The Start of my success and career. shortly after the group situation I later started my solo career doing shows open mics whatever I could to get my name pop.

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