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Beezy Muzic Ft ZAYÉ- Last Time Directed by kSingles

This song Last Time is a Fun Turnt song. It’s basically about how a female thinking she have me all figured out; using me or trying to play me like a fool. But in Reality I’m already steps ahead of her. Because at the end of the day I’m getting what I wanted in the 1st place. So “Yeah, It’s Okay for you to play me for this Last Time.”

My homies Hollygrove & TayDay were rapping 1st. But just never took it serious because of the environment we lived where people barely lived to see their 20’s. Then I met ZAYÉ and it was a wrap.

I always been into music every since I was a baby. My Mom said when I was 3 Years old I used to help my parents Dj for their house parties. Lol back when it was cassette tapes. I would hand my dad tapes to play next. As I got older I just started writing my own music.

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