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Black - Revolution D-1

As the title suggests, Revolution D-1 is a waltz song that depicts the mindset of a revolutionary leader, as he encourages his comrades the day before the revolution/rebellion. Although the song is classical in nature, it is a fierce song that any music lover can get pumped up to.

I first picked up the guitar when I was in middle school. After a bit of practice, I joined different bands to pursue my interest in music. After moving from band to band, I eventually realized that I have my own ideas about how music should be, and that I thrive when I do music by myself instead of trying to fit myself into a band. Fast forward to my university years in America, it was during these years where I forgot about my love for music, getting caught up in so many different life situations. After 2 years of university, I realized it was time for me to really start pursuing my dream. I returned back to my home country, South Korea, and immediately started learning how to program to write music. One year later, I released my first single, and I have been pushing myself to create new and innovative music ever since.

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