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RICHITO pronounced (Ra~Sheeto)

CEO of RichFellaMuzik

(born Richard Earl Bowie Jr) aka “R.I.C.H.I.T.O ©” formally known as Rich Fella, boldly takes his love of underground rap music to non-traditional markets and is well received in each city. The flashy fly entertainer with boyish looks and a mild manner has no delusions of grandeur, only hard work and genuine aspirations to be a star. Upon meeting him, ladies swoon and strangers become instant fans. Richito’s singles are catchy and impossible to ignore.

The Houston native is making his come back after being sidelined for 3 years after over coming personal health issues. His newest single, "Step Back" inspired by James Harden of the Houston Rockets, speaks on how he bounced back and fully recovered from his illness and how friends and critics left and doubted him when he lost. The song has an upbeat catchy hook and delivers triumph for the come back winners of today.

His next single "Fake Smiles" is scheduled to release June 4th via Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music etc. The Fake Smiles track is a story that everybody should be used to. The people who smile in your face but really got a hidden agenda with hate in their hearts from envy. It's a high energy song with another catchy hook that opens up the listeners ears and shares a story of how people around you will build you up but tear you down behind closed doors. Stay tuned for more releases as he had plenty of new music on the way.

RICHITO has a goal to be an entertainment business mogul and shows oriented visionary and leadership skills in his music. His future plans include a clothing line, philanthropy and community outreach.

Houston, TX.

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