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Meet The Earl The Monarch

Born in Dallas, Texas, artist known as Earl The Monarch moved to his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas, at the age of 3. He attended, Memorial High School where he graduated in 2011. He began writing music at a young age but didn't take it too serious. In late 2011 he began writing again and began working on his debut mixtape, under the moniker "O.E.", Insomnia: The Life & Times, which was released in October of 2012. Realizing that O.E. wasn't the most professional or original name, Earl went thru a name change in 2016 and changed to Earl The Monarch. He went on to drop "Pain on The Rocks" in February 2017, “This Will All Be a Memory” in April 2018, “No Fear” w/ Shawn Keith, & is prepping his newest album “The Blue Tape” now. With 3 singles off the project out now Mandatory, Blue Cup & HowYouFeel What drew you to the music industry?

I went thru some dark times in my life, & music was literally the only thing I had. Artists like Kid Cudi, Joe Budden, J. Cole, & Freddie Gibbs really helped me thru those times. My only mission is to be that person for somebody else.

Who are you inspired by?

The Game is my favorite rapper of all time. Artists like him, Freddie Gibbs, Nipsey Hussle, & Scarface inspire me.

Please explain your creative process

I’m usually provided some beats by my producers Stevie Lighta or MARK! & I craft records around the situations I’m in or going thru. Only thing I ever rap about is my life & situations I’ve been thru or seen. I have a home studio set up and I record there and send the records off to my engineer FDavidson to which he’d send them back always dope.

What’s an average day like for you?

An average day for Earl The Monarch is putting in work at my 9-5 to provide for family and fund the dream, then coming home be with my wife and son & then hit my home studio and work on music.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

Hidden meaning in my music is I’m giving you situations that I’ve been thru and it’s basically advice on things to watch out for if you haven’t been thru it yet or how to cope if you have.

Do you collaborate with others? What is that process?

I recently did a collab album with Shawn Keith out of Houston, Texas. We been rocking since we was little so it was only right to lock in and bang out a whole tape. We locked in with my producer MARK! who produced almost the whole tape and as far as song writing and recording we knocked it out in like a month maybe less than that. We sat on it for a while and dropped 3 videos, then we dropped it in December of last year.

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans

I respond to pretty much every dm or comment that isn’t spam. If a person who’s a fan walks up to me in person and tells me they’re a fan I engage and have convo and chop it up with them. Your nothing without your fans and that’s pure facts. If I get off the stage from a show I make sure I shake every hand I can, autographs whatever. I’m grateful that they fuck with the music.

What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why?

My favorite part is either fan engagement or hearing a Great mix and master of a record i did. The fan engagement is what keeps you going especially if your having one of those days where you feel like you’ve failed. The getting back a great mix is a crazy feeling because you trust the engineer with your record and you have this crazy idea of how you want it and then they send it back or you hear it back for the first time and it exceeds expectations.

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

All the time! But only thing you can do is work past it. I mean it’s either perform bad cuz of anxiety and they talk about how bad you was. Or you perform w/ anxiety and still do good and they talk about how good you were. They gon talk about you regardless, just make sure you give them something good to talk about.

Tell me about your favorite performance venues.

My favorite performances was in Scottsdale, Arizona at PubRock and San Antonio, Texas at Paper Tiger. The love I got on stage was unreal & that keeps you going strong & every performance helps the next performance get better.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your


Don’t let anybody talk you out of doing something. Whatever your dream is go hard and put in OVERTIME to achieve it. Nothing in life worth anything is gonna come easy. Why not work hard for something you actually want! Social media: https://instagram.com/earl_themonarch https://Facebook.com/earlthemonarc hhttps://earlthemonarch.com

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