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Meet the CAESAR

What drew you to the music industry?

Ever as a kid I loved making music and learning lyrics of songs so I could rap along the big stars, I was very curious about the lyrics. Like what did they mean and if there were any hidden meanings in the lyrics and it was fun to realize the punchlines they made with a nice and unique flow. That increased my interest in music, especially Hip-Hop. That was the only genre I used to listen to.

Who are you inspired by?

I am inspired by two of the greatest that this world has ever known, 2Pac and Biggie. Those two inspired me with their lyrics. 2Pac had this awesome flow and the meaning in his lyrics was outstanding. Biggie had a unique flow and had a great voice his lyrics and flow combination were something I couldn’t get out of my head as a kid. From the ‘nowadays’ rappers the rapper that inspired me the most is Meek Mill. Meek is a rapper that deliver any kind of flow on any kind of beat. Flow is an important thing to me in combination with the meaning of your lyrics. Like for example I believe that if you have the right flow with the right lyrics delivered with great punchlines you don’t even need a beat to bring your message and amuse the listener.

Please explain your creative process

My creative process is different every time. It depends on the vibe I am in because sometimes I just want to write lyrics, no beat, no other people, no looks, just me and my mind writing out lyrics. Whenever I am finished writing I call my beatmaker or ask my followers on Instagram to send me beats and I will just search until I find the right beat for the lyrics. But sometimes when I’m in the studio a certain vibe comes on, the producer jumps behind his keys, makes a beat and I start writing my lyrics with the other artists that are in the studio. We vibe with each other and look for the right parts where everybody needs to drop their bars and record the track right on the spot.

What’s an average day like for you?

An average day, that’s a hard one. Everyday is different for me, sometimes I’m in different studios back to back and sometimes I am at the other side of the country doing things I never thought about. One thing is for sure, I write down bars everyday.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

Sometimes there is, sometimes I just write down what comes up to me and what’s good with the vibe. The times that there is, those are the storytelling type tracks I make I say things but mean the opposite or just phrase something differently so I can mislead the listener and the people who know the story only understand it.

Do you collaborate with others? What is that process?

Yes I do, but I haven’t dropped any Collab’s yet. The process depends on the track and the person I collab with.

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans

I interact with my fans throughout Instagram, my Insta is caesarr.tm and I try to respond to as many people as possible. I try to involve my followers in my music process by asking them time by time what kind of beats or tracks they want to hear, when they want new music and what subject they want my new track to be about.

What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why?

I love everything about it, all the ups and the downs. This is my dream and I work everyday to make it better and better.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

The most important thing in life not only with music but with everything is, to believe in yourself. Your plan will never work if you don’t believe in it. If you don’t believe in yourself who will? Always keep your head up and know that every dream you got can come true but it’s a very very long ride with a lot of disappointments, but you got to keep your head up and work your ass off everyday because nobody is going to give you nothing. The only person who can stop you is the man in the mirror.

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