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Meet the BENDITO

What drew you to the Music Industry ?

I started listening to Rap Music when I was about 6. I was always inspired by the way Artists would flip and twist the words around that they rhyme and still make sense. My elder Cousins were really into rapping and The HipHop Culture so they really influenced me a lot .We spent most of the time together.And they showed me somehow how the game works in the music industry swell as on the streets at an early age.I also saw my potential in the Music Industry , doing what i Love ,inspiring people and even earning money with it .THE DREAM!

Who are you inspired by ?

I was always inspired by the Legends of the Game like especially 2Pac ! He inspires me to be a better rapper and more important a better man !

But I am also inspired by the New Age Artists like Kendrick , DaBaby ,2Chainz , Kanye . I like a lyrical track aswell as hard trap banger !ü

Please explain your lyrical process!

Music is my Passion . I just do it ! I don’t work only like this or only like that ! I might rap my hardest verse ever in the shower in a minute but if I sit down for ours bumping beats I might just come out with a couple ripped paper sheets and a whack verse . Or the other way round .

But for me the most important is to steady keep writing wether good or bad ! Because a whack verse today might be a hard one tomorrow! But I mostly work in my little home Studio. That’s were I daily record write and produce.

What’s an average day like for you ?

My Life is Brazy ! I never had a day like the other again since I was about 10 ! I do it all ! I give a 110% everyday ! Exercise and Music in the morning ! Friends and Family at daytime and Buisness & Money at Night !

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your Music ?

No , there is no hidden meaning in my music ! My Name „Bendito“ means „I’m Blessed“ in Spanish! That might be the only hidden meaning !

Do you collaborate with others ? What is that process ?

Yes , sometimes I do collaborations with other Artists . But rely I rather focus on my own Projects right now ! I collaborate with others because I like their skill or character I don’t do features for clout or anything ! It’s also not that easy to make a song with somebody you don’t really know . Because the process of writing together needs trust and realnes so you can only feature with people that show you that they are real and that really are.

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans ?

So basically everybody that is a fan of my music is on social media. If my fans congratulate me to a new release or just want to connect and communicate with me they hit me up on any social platform like Facebook, Instagram and more. I also have my own Website Launching in August .

Bendito-Squad.de plus App where I will be selling Merch ,Music and Concert Tickets.

What is your favorite work about this part of line ? What’s your least and why ?

No , to be honest I love it all !! Music with all its sides I love it! The Music the Marketinkg the shows the Lyrics the People,the vibes ! Everything ! I love doing it all although sometimes it’s too much for one person I still want to do it ! Because I believe in hard work !

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Yes I did ! Performance anxiety is a normal thing ! Doubts are normal ! But it’s important that you still truly believe in yourself ! And don’t let these doubts get to your head confidence is everything and as you know the Show must go on !

Tell me about your favorite performance venues .

I would probably say the Clubs are my favorite performance venue it’s were the people be lit ..like crazy.

Also I like Festivals a lot I had a show at a Festival and it was Amazing i like to go crazy at my show and to interact with my audience !

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow on your footsteps .

- Dont ! Step into your own Footsteps ! The world is yours !

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