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J-Hu$$ - How I Ride {Remix} (Feat. JV Frm MN)

His latest single he released "How I Ride {Remix}", in his words, a cruise anthem. Hu$$ says that his favorite type of music he likes to record is music people can literally ride to, whether on a sunny or rainy day. He believes that people need a soundtrack-like music they ride on the road with. Regardless of the true events that were rapped about in the single, his main object of making the single is for it to be a cruise anthem for listeners.

J-Hu$$ is the name, music is the game. An artist born and raised out of Kansas City, Missouri making his way into the rap game as an independent artist. His main object in making music is to share his identity, his story, his vision and words of wisdom, motivation and encouragement that can be a life changer and inspiration to others that hear his music. He's been involved in music since 1995 (started writing at the age of 5, started recording at the age of 17). He recorded his first track "Platinum Focused" at 17 y.o. with his older brother Philly Mac. He's done 9 shows so far, did features with hometown artist like U-Neek, Bigg Rigga, KDS (Jean-Luc Monroe) and his close friend, Mr. I'm On.

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