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Is 'Hype' Most Successful Song From Kamron Bahani Latest Album?

Kamron Bahani has just recently released his latest album “Thy Fear, Thy Fall, Thy Succeed'' which has reached the masses and has racked over 100,000 streams across album in first weeks!

Where his single 'Hype' has reached over 55,000 Streams on Spotify and is growing daily! It is expected to reach over 100k streams very very soon!

Hype is a contemporary banger with a story, it's a conversation with God essentially. It conveys the principles of loyalty, how difficult it is to find, as well as God not being there for him at times, yet he still respects him.

His latest album “Thy Fear, Thy Fall, Thy Succeed has reached a larger demographic than his previous efforts and it was featured on Exposed Vocals which is industry's leading website for talented up and coming artists

He has been featured on WMR Music Groups page where he reached over 50,000 page visits. Kamron was also featured on Choice Radio UK where he is being heard and seen by people in United Kingdom!

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